Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

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Be You

Have you ever felt like you don’t know who you are?  Or is it difficult to be yourself around other people?  Do you experience shame, worry, fear, or anxiety when you think about asking for what you need or want?


Perhaps you have accomplished all that you set out to do and still feel unsatisfied.  Maybe you made all the “right” choices in life but find yourself feeling stuck, bored, or unhappy.  Sometimes the plan that we envisioned for ourselves did not work out the way that we expected and we find ourselves wanting more.  

More often than not, our self-doubt, dissatisfaction, boredom, or discontent are connected to a tendency to ignore our authentic wants and needs and instead make choices based on what we think we should do.  Therapy can be a nonjudgmental space to explore what it is you really want out of life, to practice putting your needs and wants first, and to reconnect with parts of yourself that haven’t had much opportunity to shine.   When you truly embrace your authentic self, then lasting healing can occur. 

At the heart of our work together, my goal is to create a safe place to get to know what it is that truly makes you, YOU.  

Our work together may help you:

Feel more grounded in yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.   

Learn to unapologetically take up space.  

Connect with what you actually need and want and begin to trust that it is OKAY to ask for it.

Develop boundaries in your relationships.