Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

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Change is possible.  Awareness, authenticity, and choice empower you to examine your experience and decide what is next.  Sometimes this transformation is making a huge life decision, engaging with yourself or others differently, or simply choosing to stay right where you are.


We often live our lives as if on autopilot.  We engage in the same behaviors, patterns, and relationship dynamics without questioning them.  Then one day we find ourselves in moments of crisis, experiencing existential doubts and questions, or feeling dissatisfied with our selves, relationships, or day to day life. We wonder, “How did we ended up here?”  

Awareness is the first step on the journey of transformation.  Together we will explore your experiences in the present moment, observing with curiosity and without judgement just what is happening and how it is happening for you.  With awareness you are now ready to discover who you really are.


We naturally internalize outside rules and expectations of who we should be. The trouble comes when we accept these expectations without question, even when they don’t align with our true beliefs or values.  When this happens, these outside expectations can push our true wants and needs aside, dampening our inner aliveness, causing internal conflict around who we are, and impacting our relationships.  Together we will examine those outside expectations, notice their impact, and lovingly invite your authentic experience into the therapy room.  After bringing awareness to these hidden aspects of yourself, I will support you in the process of dialoging and engaging with all parts of yourself, providing you with the opportunity to discover your authentic self.  In this endeavor, clients often begin to feel a greater sense of wholeness.


Feeling trapped, stuck, or like there is no place for you to go is a common experience that brings people into therapy.  Sometimes it feels as if there is only one path to take or that we are stuck between two unappealing options.  How do you move forward when it seems like your only choices are less than ideal?

By cultivating awareness and accepting your authentic self, opportunities we couldn’t see before begin to reveal themselves.  This may be the result of a shift in perspective or the discovery of an alternate route.  Either way, with more opportunities comes choice and this choice can bring a sense of freedom.