Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

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New Parents

Whether becoming a parent was a life long dream, a new desire, a surprise, or something you never imagined wanting or doing, the impact of this new identity and role is immense.  

The idea of being a new parent may bring up a wide range of emotions.  It could be pure joy and excitement one minute, then utter fear and anxiety the next.  Being a new parent is filled with so many unknowns and new experiences that it can feel daunting and perhaps scary at times.  

When imagining ourselves as parents, we often look to the closest example we have of parenting, our own parents.  Depending on your experience growing up, the stories and beliefs about what a parent should look like that you internalized as a child may or may not feel supportive to you on your journey to becoming a new parent.  

Bringing a child into your life also means bringing CHANGE.  Your daily life shifts completely and it may feel like you are losing parts of yourself as you take on this new identity and your world revolves around your baby.  You may find yourself reexamining your relationships with others be it friends, family or your partner if you have one.  These changes may be completely welcomed by you or you may feel some grief about “losing” your former life.  

Rest assured that all of this is normal.  Becoming a parent is full of joy but it is also full of challenges.  Therapy can be a safe place where you can discover who you are as a parent.  

In our work together we may:

  • Identify and develop ways to support yourself when challenging emotions arise.
  • Examine the learned beliefs about what a parent “should” be like to determine whether or not these beliefs feel authentic to you.
  • Process the grief that may arise during all of the changes you are experiencing.
  • Explore how becoming a parent impacts our relationships.

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