Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

Now Offering Both In-Person & Telehealth Sessions

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Couples Therapy

It is our human nature to reach out for connection.  Our intimate relationships are essential but unfortunately they aren’t always without conflict.  To our good fortune, conflicts can be solved and relationship dynamics can shift.   Couples therapy may be right for you if you are experiencing challenges in the following areas:

  • Communication Breakdowns
  • Life Transitions
  • Loss of Intimacy
  • Issues around Sex
  • Conflicts around Needs & Wants
  • Challenges around daily living (routines, money, chores, etc.)
  • Parenting

In a nonjudgemental container (psychotherapy) we will unpack the dynamics of your relationship, begin to recognize and understand the emotions that arise when in conflict, and learn how your early attachment experiences with caregivers has impacted how you relate to your partner.  The goal is to shift out of getting stuck in the recurring conflicts while building a deeper sense of connection with your partner.